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Sofa Company

Sofa Company started with a dream to challenge the existing furniture industry. Founders Cathrine and Christian Rudolph wanted to do this by creating beautiful furniture of high quality, with honest low prices. Their unique Danish retro and modern designs are currently concurring the world with a simple business concept: exclusive online sales, showrooms where customers can try out and feel the furniture and direct supply from their own factory in Vietnam. Sofa Company choose to cut away all the middlemen and to handle all stages of the process themselves.



The company’s mission is to offer affordable great furniture design of high quality materials. The experience of great value for money is important. Their pieces are shaped by their own designers with optimum aesthetics in mind and attention to the tiniest details. Customers can order ready made products, but they can also customize over fifty pieces of furniture to their own taste and colour.


Future of furniture

The founders believe that production and retail will fuse together in the future and that the distance between producer and customer will be much shorter. This will result in a responsive furniture industry. The company is currently partially owned by private equity investors, but the founders are still in the lead. Turnover is about 50 million euro, with double digit growth annually. Headquarters is based in Denmark with local offices and showrooms in Sweden, Norway, The Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Switzerland, South Africa, Vietnam and Malaysia. The Dutch office started in 2013 and is located in Arnhem, a city known for its creative spirit. There are showrooms in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Arnhem and Antwerp with plans for a total of 4 or 5 in The Netherlands and 2 or 3 in Belgium.



Passion for design and happy customers are key for everyone that works at Sofa Company. Business is booming and the team is dynamic and hands on to strive to have high quality in all processes and service. The company’s culture is result oriented, down-to-earth, open and honest.

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