Elovena is an iconic oat brand from Finland that has been around for almost 100 years. It has been the most beloved oats brand in Finland for decades. The name Elovena comes from the Finnish word for life (elo) and the Latin word for oat (avena sativa). The company, known as ‘Raisio’, specializes in crafting Elovena, a brand celebrated for its naturally wholesome products grown in pure Finnish fields. The product portfolio of the Elovena brand includes a wide assortment from traditional oat flakes to snack biscuits, and oat drinks. Gluten-free options are also available. Further, Raisio has Benecol products and plant proteins in their assortment. The company’s purpose is to make food for health, heart and earth, enabling people to make better food choices at mealtimes for their own and family’s wellbeing.

Although the Finnish might look quite serious at first glance, Finland is in fact the happiest country in the world. Their goal is now to further spread this Finnish happiness by growing their business throughout Europe. With the help of distributors, and hiring new employees, they are expanding more and more. In The Netherlands a small team is being set up to create local growth in the Benelux. Their oat drinks are currently exclusively available in Albert Heijn.

The Elovena brand is part of Raisio, an international company that specialises in the production of healthy, responsibly produced food for Health, Heart, and Earth. Their well-known and beloved brands are part of everyday life in millions of households. Besides Elovena, Benecol is an international success story with yoghurt drinks and margarines that help to reduce cholesterol. This brand is sold in 20 countries. Local brands are Sunnuntai, Torino, Nalle and Härkis. Turnover in 2023 was 219 million euro, over half of this is raised outside of Finland. The entire portfolio of Raisio focusses on well-being, health, good taste, and sustainable development.


Company culture

Raisio has about 350 professionals in seven countries, who all share the purpose to make food for health, heart, and earth. The company’s core values are Courage, Fairness and Drive. The team is embarking on an exhilarating journey of growth, committed to shaping a sustainable future in food systems, and they are fervently dedicated to collaboratively crafting an enriched workplace environment. In the Netherlands, a Sales Manager for the Benelux region has started to grow the business. The Brand Manager will be the second employee in The Netherlands and is part of the (international) marketing team.

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