Les Grands Chais de France

Les Grands Chais de France

Les Grands Chais de France is a leading, privately owned winemaker, and the privileged partner of wine growers in almost all known wine producing regions of France. It is also a viticulturist and maturation specialist at the head of over 3,000 acres of vineyards. In just one generation, this company has become a major stakeholder in Alsace, Jura, Diois, Languedoc, the Bordeaux region, Val de Loire, Burgundy, and the Provence. Their four main brands include J.P. Chenet, which is the bestselling French wine worldwide and brands like Grand Sud, Calvet, and Jelzin. Their portfolio also offers many specialty wines from a variety of chateaus.


Les Grands Chais de France Group (GCF Group) was founded in 1979 by Joseph Helfrich and still is family-owned today. His entrepreneurial spirit has raised the stakes in the wine and spirits business. Every year, more than 1,5 million hectolitres of wine are produced exclusively for the group on their own domains and estates, or by winegrowers with multi-annual contracts. They also closely collaborate with over 30 cooperative wine-cellars and hundred viticulturists. More than 80 percent of their wine and spirits are exported to over 180 countries. Turnover is around 1,2 billion euro.

The head office of GCF Group is in Petersbach, in the Alsace region. Core values for the 3,000 employers are commitment, responsibility, initiative, and teamwork. There are also offices in several other countries, including the USA, Germany, and China. By closely watching the markets the Group can rapidly react to changing trends and consumer requirements and offers tailor made solutions adapted to the specific needs of each market.

Dutch market

The Benelux region is an important market with a turnover of about 100 million euros. As French wines are vital in the Dutch market there is still plenty of room for further growth with a current turnover of about 50 million. The business includes on and off trade and online. There is no office in The Netherlands, so the team meets up regularly in a central spot and works mostly from home. Once a month they meet up with the Alsace team. The team values are pragmatism, passion and mutual understanding and respect.

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