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Kettle Chips

Only the best potatoes and seasoning ingredients end up in a bag of Kettle Chips. No amount of time, effort, care and expertise is too much to create the delicious hand cooked potato chips with the distinctive crunch. Kettle Chips is all about real chips, with real ingredients, made by real people. No artificial flavours, colours or monosodium glutamate are added. Taste is what it is all about, because ‘great taste brings great pleasure’. The chips are cooked in small batches and seasoned with exciting flavours like Sea Salt & Crushed Black Pepper, Honey Barbecue and Mature Cheddar Cheese & Red Onion. Always on trend, by regularly adding new tastes and limited editions.

Hand cooked
Kettle Chips founder Cameron Healy first discovered the delights of homemade potato chips on a trip in Hawaii in the early 1980’s. He owned a company that provided high quality, naturally sourced products like cheese and roasted nuts, which he sold to natural food stores. Returning home from Hawaii he began experimenting with traditional chip production methods. When he and his son discovered the British love for crisps on a journey to the United Kingdom, he decided to establish his Kettle Foods in Norwich, Norfolk in the UK to produce the chips. Being as close to the local potato farmers as possible, he teamed up with chef Chris Barnard to create new recipes and source the best ingredients.

Yellow Chips
In The Netherlands, the brand is being distributed by Yellow Chips since 2015. This is a Dutch company in organic batch cooked potato and vegetable chips. Yellow Chips produces and sells their products under private label to large European retailers, natural and organic food stores and has a brand of its own: Go Pure.  Yellow Chips is based in the Netherlands, the production plant and head office are located in Emmeloord.  Yellow Chips and Kettle Chips belong to the same parent company having a common goal to expand in Europe, producing and selling unique, delightful and quality chips products with the best ingredients.

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