Intoleran is a fast-growing Dutch brand that helps people with a food intolerance to enjoy food again. Digestive problems like food intolerances or an irritated bowel can cause quite a bit of discomfort in everyday life. Intoleran understands this discomfort and has developed a remedy, so people can do something about recurring symptoms. The company produces, develops, and markets a wide range of supplements for multiple food intolerances like lactose, fructose, starch, and histamine. Their easy-to-use tablets, capsules and drops support the body’s own enzyme system to help digest problematic products. The mission of this innovative and unique brand is clear. They want to help people enjoy their food in a simple and effective way.

The company was founded in 2008 by Remko Hiemstra. He developed a lactose supplement to deal with his own lactose intolerance. He found there was plenty of room for improvement in this area and was able to create a pure and effective supplement, thanks to a background in pharmacy and nursing. This first supplement was the starting point of a wide portfolio of supplements with digestive enzymes. With their effects medically proven, they are widely recommended by professional dietitians. Their supplements add a unique portfolio in most markets and Intoleran is one of the few brands with its focus on digestive issues like intolerances. There is a ton of potential to become a global brand.


With a complete rebranding and the backing of private equity investor Successor BV the company entered a new phase in 2021. Headed by new Managing Director Harmen Treep, the company is rapidly building global presence and has initiated teams with medical advisors and country managers in multiple regions. In addition to The Netherlands, Intoleran is active in Belgium, Spain, Italy, France, Australia, USA, and Singapore. The new online platform and online activities play a vital role in realising further growth and expansion. The brand locally also cooperates with licensed distributors.

Creating more online brand visibility, and an increase in traffic, conversion and retention with consumers is one of the focal points for this next period. Professionals like dietitians, pharmacies and health food stores are also an important target group to help people deal with their food intolerance. 50 percent growth is the forecast in 2022 and this scale-up is aiming to quintuple in five years. So, there are lots of opportunities for the coming years.


The production facility of Intoleran is in Donkerbroek (Friesland), where all supplements are produced in-company. Quality and effectiveness of the supplements are key, so no unnecessary additives are used. This allows as many people as possible to use the products without unwanted side effects. The compact commercial team mostly works remote. They are highly entrepreneurial, proactive, down-to-earth, and pragmatic.

Read the interview with Managing Director Harmen Treep (in Dutch)

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