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GfK Norm

Virtual store environments

GfK NORM is a specialised shopper research agency using virtual store environments to understand and predict consumer and shopping behaviour in any purchase situation. NORM Research & Consulting is best known for the software called Simstore and was founded in 2003 in Sweden as one of the first agencies worldwide to focus on virtual shopper research!

Cloud-based software solution

Big clients from retail and consumer goods use this cloud-based software solution to optimize price and promotional strategies, assortment ranges, merchandizing and packaging. Simstore projects capture the impact of planned in-store and online marketing activities before execution. The system unlocks the decision making processes, disregard whether people buy in traditional stores or online. NORM has partnered with GfK Global Mid 2015. Under the umbrella of GfK, NORM is able to integrate the technology of Simstore into a global shopper application and expand further.


The collaboration offers a unique portfolio of shopper research tools and advises clients in their (shopper) marketing strategies and activities. GfK NORM provides clear, actionable insights that help clients win at point of purchase. Virtual store research projects have been conducted in over 40 countries around the world. And the (international) business is growing rapidly.

Research team

The international virtual shopper research team comprises professionals with expertise in the areas of psychology, brand management, statistics and research methodology, shopper marketing, graphical visualization and category management. Technology and methods are proven state of the art.

Everyday decisions

The team is committed to find out more about the factors underlying everyday decisions to gain a clearer understanding of the complexity of decision-making of consumers. To obtain these data they use all kinds of research methodologies, both quantitative and qualitative. However, customized solutions are preferred, because the choice of research solution always depends on the client’s specific business challenges and opportunities.

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