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Five Guys

Listening to your mother’s advice can lead to remarkable results. For Jerry Murrell this has proven to be a huge success. His mother told him: “If you can give a good haircut or if you can serve a good drink at a bar or if you can serve a good hamburger, you can always make money in America." With that in mind, he and his four sons started a carry-out burger joint in Arlington, Virginia, in 1986. Over 30 years later, the Murrell family owns over 1,500 stores worldwide and is expanding rapidly in Europe and the rest of the world with another 1,500 units in development.

High quality and fresh ingredients make Five Guys stand out from other fast food restaurants since day 1. There are no freezers at their stores, just coolers. Only fresh ground beef is used to make their hand-formed burgers, that are cooked to perfection on a grill. The juicy burgers are served on fresh-baked buns and can be topped with a large variety of ingredients. Fresh-cut fries, hotdogs, sandwiches and milkshakes complete the menu. Their high quality standards and secret recipes are closely guarded. Whether you eat at Five Guys in New York, Dubai or Utrecht, the meals taste exactly the same everywhere around the world.

The Five Guys philosophy is simple: great burgers and fries, crafted in a clean restaurant run by friendly staff. Free peanuts are served while you wait for your order. Satisfied customers spread the word about the company and create an enormous and cult-like following and buzz around the globe. When you eat at Five Guys you take a selfie and share your meal with the world. Their huge fan base does most of their marketing all by themselves and their opinions are cherished. In stores you can even find customer experiences printed on the walls.

The overseas headquarters of Five Guys is located in Amsterdam, close to the Passenger Terminal at the Piet Heinkade. From this office, a team of about 40 is building international success in the Benelux, Austria and Italy. This office is also responsible for growth in the Middle East and Asia Pacific. The international training centre of Five Guys is also based in The Netherlands. An investment company is responsible for the UK and part of the European market.

Ownership and entrepreneurship are highly valued at Five Guys. The Amsterdam headquarters has a start-up feel and has a very international and informal vibe. Employees are extremely proud of the company and put their hearts and souls in their work. Flexibility, high energy and a passion for the business are essential to fit in.

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