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The future of health and wellbeing is personal.’ Online pharmacy Atida is on a mission to help people make better decisions about their health. And to redefine the meaning of the words ‘online pharmacy’. With decades of pharmacy experience, they are setting a new course for a personalised approach to health and wellbeing. They want to be the go-to place for personalized, honest and scientifically backed advice and great products. From proactive to curative, no matter what the goals are, they want to deliver all customers a trusted and truly personal experience.

Atida is one of the largest online pharmacies in Europe. The scale-up is the result of the acquisition of several online pharmacies in different European countries over a number of years. The company is currently planning to take the European market by storm. Recently they launched Atida Pure, an individually tailored vitamin and supplement programme. Packages may focus on bone strength, pregnancy, skin and hair or other specific wellbeing desires. This concept combines data and e-commerce into the pharma and wellbeing industry.

In 2021, Atida will launch its online pharmacy Atida Plus throughout Europe. This will offer their unique online in-store experience in current markets are Germany, Spain, Portugal, France and Italy. The central office of Atida in Amsterdam collaborates in hybrid teams with the local teams to boost growth and conquer new markets. Plans to optimize and centralize the business are in the making. A new way of working across the markets is vital to reach all the ambitions and goals. In 2025 they want to be the undisputed European market leader.

The Amsterdam office currently has an international staff of around 35 employees and is rapidly growing. The company’s values are being ethical, empathic, healthy and well, humble and honest, curious and courageous. They are committed to connect people and to better the community. Preferably having a little fun along the way. Employees are eager to proactively grow the business and offer the best solutions. The company’s scale up vibe requires a strong, flexible and hands-on mindset.

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